...what's all this then?

Apparently I'm blogger now. 

I'll be that wanker you see in restaurants standing on the chairs trying to get the perfect photo of the delicious feast I've just ordered and embarrassing my mates in the process (I mean, why change the habit of a lifetime?).

I like food. A lot. I'm good at eating food. So I'm gonna do more of what I'm good at. And share it, because that's what we do these days, isn't it?

Today though I discovered two things I am not good at; choosing stock photos to put on this blog, and actually figuring out how to get the fucking thing onto the blog. I couldn't decide what food to go for. I've not actually reviewed or made anything for this blog yet, so I don't have any of my own photos, which is why I spent the best part of an hour looking at photos on pexels.com and settled for a chocolate cupcake. You can't go wrong with cake can you? Oh...wait... I can. I can go very wrong with cake, but this is for another post.

I am ok at making food. Sometimes. I think. Maybe... You be the judge. I will share some of the stuff I make, luckily for you, you can't get food poisoning from a picture.

I've started rabbiting on here and I don't really know where i'm going with it, but I just wanted to welcome you to yet another food blog. I'll be back once I've got something fucking delicious for you.



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