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Market Hall West End

Market Hall West End is the third spot and flagship venue from Market Halls, with Victoria and Fulham being the other two. They take a disused public space and turn it into a food market, which is a concept I can get behind. The Fulham one is in an old Edwardian Underground station entrance on Fulham Broadway, and a lot of the original features are still there. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to shit like that and so I did find that quite cool (although I was only passing through at the time and didn't stop for a bite). Market Hall West End takes up some of the old BHS department store on Oxford Street, and is a huge space which boasts a rooftop bar, which I will be visiting if it ever stops fucking raining. 
The first stop for me was Super Tacos Al Carbon, which is another offering from the founders of Breddos Tacos, so naturally my expectations were quite high. I've never had tacos from these guys that weren't unreal, so I expected nothing less.

They were nice. Bu…

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