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It's Monday. It's November. It's cold. I've got a three-day hangover and I wish I wasn't at work.

The only thing getting me through today is knowing that I get to eat this delicious soup I made yesterday for lunch. I've added the recipe below so that you can get a belly full of happiness too.


400g Butternut squash (I know it's bad (because plastic) but I always buy the pre-chopped stuff)
2 Carrots
1 onion
Chicken stock (because I already had it in the cupboard)
4tbsp Crรจme Fraรฎche (or more/less depending on how creamy you want it) Butter Olive oil (or whatever you'd usually use to roast your veg)
Dried sage Fresh sage Chilli flakes Salt & lots of pepper
Calories: Who cares, it's winter Servings: Depends how greedy you are. This gave me three servings Time: You should be able to do this in under an hour. I wasn't really paying attention to the time if I'm honest

1. Chop the squash and carrots into bite-size pieces, put them on a ba…

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